​​Carpet Dusters 

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Using the Finest Equipment, Excellent Cleaning Solutions, and Standard Procedures to Clean Your Carpets

Who We Are

Carpet Dusters Services is an elite, satisfaction-driven carpet cleaning company in Linden, New Jersey. We offer excellent cleaning solutions, and standard procedures for cleaning carpets. Our people are prompt, courteous, efficient, personally trained by experts, and use the finest equipment.

We are also known for our expertise in the removal of pet stains and odors while using animal-friendly solutions. We cater to clients all over New Jersey and New York.

Company History

Our founder, S. Graham, started working at the age of 15 with his father. In 1987, his father owned a business that was being contracted to clean supermarkets. Before his father passed away in 2005, he had taught him to take pride in carpet cleaning and floor maintenance . His passion for cleaning ignited then, which led to the establishment of CD Home Services in 2011.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. We aim to earn your trust by delivering not just any kind of service, but an elite kind of service that comes at a fair price.

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